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Advisory Board

NPHC Advisory Board

Introduction regarding the role of the AB

“The role of the Advisory Board is to establish stakeholder representation and a means for Newlyn harbour commissioners to seek views on key issues relevant to stakeholders with particular responsibility of ensuring that stakeholder views are heard at board level.

That representation includes:

  • local communities
  • harbour users – both commercial and leisure and their representative organisations
  • local economy, such as local businesses including suppliers
  • local government and central government
  • others – including employees, MPs and elected representatives

– Advisory Board Chair Father Keith Owen

Relationships to a Statutory Harbour Authority like NHPC.

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          Advisory Board Members

          John Lambourn
          Newlyn Association Chairperson

          I am John Lambourn resident of Newlyn, owner of lugger Ripple, user of Newlyn Harbour. I am Chairperson of Newlyn Association. Have previously served as a
          Penzance Councillor and as a Newlyn Harbour Commissioner. Seafaring, marine, port development planning, management and government administration is my working background and the experience and learned skills of which I draw on for the AB. Have been involved in planning and delivering major marine projects in Hong

          I am keen to see the icon of the Old Harbour active again with heritage boats. My hope for the future is that Newlyn can develop its unique harbour potential to meet the future needs of fishing, leisure and other marine activities.

          Tony Pearce

          Hello, l am Tony Pearce, l’ve worked  in the fishing industry for 45 year’s as skipper and owner of trawlers and crabbers. I currently live in Trewellard, prior to that l owned a smallholding at Botrea where l reared cattle and pigs.

          I am retired now and have been for 10 years but still play a active roll in the fishing industry where I mend trawls for visiting vessel’s including my son Brackan’s boat the modern stern trawler, Spirited Lady 111. I also assist visiting Scottish prawn trawlers with any problems they may have while in Newlyn.

          I am looking forward to taking a active roll in Newlyn Harbour Commissioner’s Advisory Board.

          Nick Downing
          Recreational fishing

          Being brought up in Penzance, Newlyn and Mousehole, I became a marine engineering apprentice and serviced the Newlyn vessels between 1990-1997. I saw the boom and bust, the tuna wars, the recession and decommissioning. During this time I helped tow boats in and out of Holman’s dry dock for both the Trinity House Pilot and the harbourmasters of Newlyn and Penzance. I left Newlyn and worked as a factory maintenance engineer. After I was made redundant, I joined Pendennis shipyard in Falmouth for 9 years, maintaining machinery, and the varied vessels belonging to the yard, and the company’s associates.

          I was chosen to manage their boatyard in Penryn, where I would move customers’ boats around the pontoon systems, supply cranage and general maintenance, so I was heavily involved with the yachting and leisure industry.

          I’m currently the Chief Engineer on the Cornwall IFCA Patrol Vessel ‘Saint Piran’, which keeps me up to date on the developments for reducing the emissions of UK shipping starting in 2025, and what the ports may require to service these future demands.

          After seeing the Falmouth Working Boats fishing under sail, sailing has become my hobby, which ranges from windsurfers up to 40 tonne Pilot cutters,

          I am currently the Rear Commodore of Training at Penzance sailing club, where I own a racing dinghy and small gaff cutter. I am also a member of the St Ives Jumbo Association and a keen supporter of the Cornwall Maritime trust.

          Nick Howell
          Vice Chair/Community

          Nick has more than 45 years experience in the fishing industry from establishing merchant and processing companies and from spending a very short time attempting to be a fisherman. Introducing mechanical grading machines and opening up the markets in Spain for Newlyn fish were firsts in the 1980’s.

          Reviving Cornwall’s traditional pilchard fishery by rebranding the fish as “Cornish Sardines” with Marks and Spencer in 1998 and founding the Cornish Sardine Management Association resulted in renewed investment in vessels and onshore processing by many Cornish companies.

          Though semi-retired he still oversees the manufacturing and marketing of “The Pilchard Works” brand of tinned fillets to Waitrose and wholesalers in the UK.

          Other experiences gained through being a Board member in industries from tourism to pet food manufacturing or as a Newlyn Harbour Commissioner should help the AB form and recommend ways to implement a Long Term Development Strategy for the port.

          Newlyn’s location within the new UK fishing area offers unique opportunities for its vibrant community to finally benefit from new investment.

          Sue Bosworth
          Penzance Town Council

          Sue Bosworth – Penwith Town Council.

          David Stevens
          Catching Sector (10m +)
          I am David Stevens and, with my brother Alec, jointly skipper our family owned 24m stern trawler, Crystal Sea.
          Fishing since 1989, mainly from Newlyn, I have also worked and visited many fishing ports around the UK.
          Gaining a wide experience in fishing and infrastructure, whilst studying for my skippers ticket I lived for six months in Fraserburgh NE Scotland .
          I am currently vice-chair of the Cornish Fish Producers Organisation (CFPO), which represents all sectors of our industry from Cornwall and beyond. The CFPO is involved in marketing, quota management, advocacy, and general support of the fishing industry.
          Helping the industry work with scientists and managers to solve management issues, from data collection to marketing I also chair Fishing into the Future, which supports a collaborative approach to fisheries science  management.
          I am also a board member of Seafood Cornwall Training, set up to deliver training across the maritime sector.
          Newlyn, situated in a unique geographical position has evolved many times over the centuries to suit the needs of the fishing industry and the community,  by providing a safe haven and employment.  It has to continue to evolve to make the most of its location and the potential that provides, from attracting more fishing vessels, wind farm services, and storage, maintenance & loading facilities.
          I am very much looking forward to supporting the Advisory Board in making the right decisions to benefit Newlyn and the wider community.
          Richard Adams
          Fish Merchants’ Sector

          Richard Adams is a specialist fish merchant and owner of the fish restaurant, Argoe.

          Simon Cadman
          Seafood Cornwall Training

          I have been involved with fisheries management throughout the inshore waters of Cornwall since 1987. Having worked extensively from Newlyn harbour myself and knowing many fishermen who use its facilities, I have gained a broad understanding of the workings of the port, its current services and facilities.

          I am a director of Seafood Cornwall Training and I am an active member of the South West England Fishing Safety Forum. I firmly believe that Newlyn has the potential to stand head and shoulders above any other fishing port in England, providing all the necessary facilities required by fishing vessels working in southwest English waters, together with a first class auction market for the vast range of fish and shellfish that are landed to the port.

          I am aware of how important a thriving harbour is to the wider Newlyn community, as well as to many businesses throughout Cornwall and further afield, and I wish to see significant plans and investment for the harbour area that make it all happen.

          Nigel Davis

          Nigel Davis


          Paul Durkin
          AB Chairman

          I live in Newlyn, having moved here when I retired. I am Chairman of the Cornish Pirates, having been appointed in 2016.

          I am also Treasurer and trustee for a number of local Trusts and Charities. I am the Immediate Past President of the Rotary Club of Penzance.

          Prior to retirement, I was a partner in Ernst & Young (EY) in London as a Chartered Accountant, a Certified Information Systems Auditor and a Certified Information Security Manager.

          Hopefully I bring a lot of experience in business, board membership and projects to the AB in the long term strategy.

          Larry Hartwell

          I worked for 15 years as a fisherman and skipper on vessels up to 21m, mainly from Newlyn.

          As a teacher in Secondary and Further Education I specialised in maths, English and IT, and am currently teaching part-time at Penwith College.

          My website, Through the Gaps has since 2008 championed the local and wider role fishing communities have to play in providing the UK with an ethically and sustainable caught food supply.

          As a priority, I would like to see much more done by all concerned to portray the industry as an incredibly rewarding, and worthwhile career option where every individual develops a wide range of practical skills, environmental and geographical knowledge together with a positive can-do attitude with all the life-skills benefits that follow.