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Inside Newlyn Harbour Stage 2 – Post 2027/8

Inside Newlyn Harbour Stage 2 – Post 2027/8

Industrial Units:

North Pier: 4200m² ground floor; 4200m² first floor.
New Market: 1960m² market floor; 1960m² offices
The Strand: 1020m² retail/processing space ground.
1020m² first floor living or offices
Gig Club: 122m² ground floor (existing)
Car park area: 759m²

Harbour admin offices
442m² retail; 442m² offices above.
1200m² restaurants on two floors

Existing net sheds: converted to Heritage boat maintenance 630m²
Old Ice Works: FISH Trust museum initiative
Existing harbour offices converted to Fishermen rest facilities
90 new parking spaces plus HGV & LGV spaces.