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The Fish Market

Fresh Fish Every Day

More than 600 vessels and 100 fishermen land up to 40 different species of fresh fish each day at Newlyn Harbour – including hake, turbot, mackerel and cuttlefish to name but a few.

The bustling Fish Market is in the process of undergoing a significant £1.3M refurbishment funded by the European Maritime Fisheries Fund and Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners. Key features of this development include full-refrigeration, solar panels and tech-enabled office spaces. These new facilities are due to be completed by September 2018.

The Fish Market comes to life at around 4am each morning when the graders and sorters organise the day’s catch by size and species to prepare it for auction.

Buyers arrive soon afterwards to gather around the rows of red boxes. The auction then begins and purchases are transported to fine dining eateries throughout Cornwall and beyond.


Newlyn Harbour Fish Market