01736 362523 // VHF Ch 12

Shoreside facilities

Repairs, Fuel & More

As a designated port of refuge, Newlyn Harbour is open 24/7. Approaching vessels are asked to call us on VHF Ch 12.

In addition to the Fish Market, you will find ship repair services, experienced tradesmen, chandlers’ goods and all manner of provisions in and around the harbour.

We offer total quayage of just over 900m, and the draft alongside is from 0 – 3.0m at MLWS (Mean Low Water Springs) and from 3.7m – 8.5m at MHWS (Mean High Water Springs).

If you are looking to land your catch or your vessel is in need of servicing, please inform the Harbour Office prior to entry. Please also contact us if you need any further information.

Fuel is only available for Commercial Vessels only. HMRC regulations do NOT allow us to sell fuel to Leisure Vessels from our fuel birth.