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Newlyn Harbour Office weekend vacancy

16 hours per week.
IT literate person required for weekend office cover, duties include dealing with phone and office visitor queries, taking payments and creating invoices, assisting with admin duties as required, knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel is desirable
To apply please send your cv to: hm-pa@newlynharbour.com or call the office on 01736 362523

Operating Newlyn Harbour for the Benefit of our Stakeholders

In collaboration with the Harbour Master/Chief Executive and his Management Team, we are committed to delivering services, facilities, expertise and skills of the highest quality to all those who use Newlyn Harbour.

You are welcome to take a look at our Advisory Committee Terms of Reference.

Rob Clifford-Wing
Chair, Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners

Join Our Boards

We are looking for new Harbour Commissioner and Advisory Board members.

Board members are responsible for the good governance of Newlyn Harbour, with a sustainable approach to ensure the port can be handed on to future generations.

You should have an interest in the functioning of the harbour, and you will be required to consider a variety of matters, including the future strategy of Newlyn Harbour as a Trust Port.

Applicants will be considered from a wide range of professional backgrounds in order to fill the requirements as detailed within Newlyn Harbours Statute and supporting Harbour Revision Orders.

The posts are voluntary at present, however travelling expenses will be covered.

You can see full details here.

To apply, please send a current CV and covering letter to info@newlynharbour.com or call the Harbour Office on 01736 362523 for more information (closing date 30th June 2019).

Board of Commissioners

Abbie Smith
New Commissioners from 01/06/2020
Mike Warner
New Commissioners from 01/06/2020
Gus Lewis
New Commissioners from 01/06/2020
Rob Parsons
Harbour Master & Chief Executive Officer



Robert Clifford-Wing
Kevin Bennetts
Jim McKenna
John Thomas
Paul Corin
James Roberts
Mr Robert George
Anthony Hosking
Sam Winters

Port Management Team

Rob Parsons
Harbour Master & Chief Executive Officer



Anthony Oliver
Deputy Harbour Master
Emma Pearce
Finance/ Office Manager
Lydia Lyttle
Finance Support
Gwen'. Aberos
Elaine Baker
Commission Administrator
Lionel Washer
Market Supervisor
Stephen Tucker
Harbour Staff
David Bates
Harbour Staff
Jon Hawken
Harbour Staff
David Osborne
Night Staff
David Hall
Night Staff
Royden Paynter
Harbour Staff

Advisory Committee

Organisation / Group / Individual Representative
Penzance Town Council Cllr John Lambourn
Community Father Keith Owen
Catching Sector (10m +) Paul Trebilcock
Cornwall Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority Simon Cadman
Inshore Fisheries Sector (U10m) Tom McClure
Cornwall Council (Economic Regeneration) Vacancy
Shellfish Sector Vacancy
Community Vacancy
Community Laurence Hartwell
Fish Merchants’ Sector Joseph Clive