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Our Organisation

Operating Newlyn Harbour for the Benefit of our Stakeholders

In collaboration with the Harbour Master/Chief Executive and his Management Team, we are committed to delivering services, facilities, expertise and skills of the highest quality to all those who use Newlyn Harbour. To further the flow of information from all sectors of the harbour an Advisory Board meets on a regular basis drawing advice and guidance from members with a broad range of skills and experience all related to the port.

You are welcome to take a look at our Advisory Board Terms of Reference.

Rob Clifford-Wing
Chair, Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners

“The role of the Advisory Board is to establish stakeholder representation and a means for Newlyn harbour commissioners to seek views on key issues relevant to stakeholders with particular responsibility of ensuring that stakeholder views are heard at board level.


That representation includes:


  • local communities 
  • harbour users – both commercial and leisure and their representative organisations 
  • local economy, such as local businesses including suppliers 

          Board of Commissioners

          Abbie Smith
          New Commissioners from 01/06/2020
          Mike Warner
          New Commissioners from 01/06/2020
          Gus Lewis
          New Commissioners from 01/06/2020
          Rob Parsons
          Harbour Master & Chief Executive Officer



          Robert Clifford-Wing
          Kevin Bennetts
          Jim McKenna
          John Thomas
          Paul Corin
          James Roberts
          Mr Robert George
          Anthony Hosking
          Sam Winters

          Port Management Team

          Rob Parsons
          Harbour Master & Chief Executive Officer



          Anthony Oliver
          Deputy Harbour Master
          Rob Barron
          Deputy Harbour Master
          Gwen'. Aberos
          Elaine Baker
          Commission Administrator
          Lionel Washer
          Market Supervisor
          Stephen Tucker
          Harbour Staff
          David Bates
          Harbour Staff
          Jon Hawken
          Harbour Staff
          David Osborne
          Night Staff
          David Hall
          Night Staff

          Advisory Board

          Organisation / Group / Individual Representative
          Chair/Community Father Keith Owen
          ViceChair/Community Nick Howell
          Penzance Town Council ThaliaHarrington
          Catching Sector (10m +) DavidStevens
          Fish Merchants’ Sector RichardAdams
          Shellfish Sector Vacancy
          Cornwall IFCA Simon Cadman
          Inshore Fisheries Sector (U10m) Tom McClure
          Cornwall Council (Economic Regeneration) Colin May
          Community Paul Durkin
          Community/Education Laurence Hartwell
          Recreation NickDowning
          Community NigelDavis