01736 362523 // VHF Ch 12

Leisure Craft

Leisure Craft

As a Trust Port please be aware that Newlyn Harbour is geared towards the service provision for Fishing Vessels. Whilst leisure craft is more than welcome to visit, it must be stated that we are not a yacht marina, and therefore do not take advance bookings for your visit.

NPHC staff will always endeavour to provide a berth for your visit but with limited leisure capacity the chances of rafting up alongside fellow yachts/fishing vessels is highly likely.

If you are still keen to visit, of which we would love to see you, please ensure your call Newlyn Harbour on VHF channel 12 at Low Lee and await for direction.

We cannot accept any animals (of any descriptions) on any vessels to enter Newlyn Harbour due to being a food source.

Fuel for Leisure Vessels is NOT available at Newlyn Harbour due HMRC restrictions. Regular inspections and checks are being made by the relevant authorities, and a large fine can be issued for both the user and Harbour. If you need fuel Penzance Harbour, a short hop across Mount’s Bay, will be able to assist.

Rates as of 1st April 2022. Prices for night.

  • Up to 8 –> £27
  • 8 to 12m –> £32
  • 12m and over –> £44
  • £1.50 for 24 hours electricity (optional)
  • Showers (door entry code from office)