01736 362523 // VHF Ch 12

Visitor Berthing Fees

Keelage Dues – Leisure Craft

Please note all Vessels should radio on VHF ch12 and await instructions before entering the port

(inclusive of VAT)

Up to 8m – £27 p.n.

8m to 12m – £32 p.n.

12m and over – £44 p.n.

Multi hulls – as above + 50%

Tidal mooring (not berthed on pontoons) – £474

Pontoon Berths

As our leisure craft waiting list is now in excess of 7 years long, we will not be taking any new additions at this time

Up to 8m – £888

8m to 12m – £996

12m and over – £1 248

To discuss this in more detail, please contact the Harbour Office.