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Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners’ Update – February 2024

Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners’ Update – February 2024

Following the monthly Board Meeting of Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners (NP&HC), here is an update on the latest developments at the Port.

NP&HC have engaged the services of Jim Plunkett-Cole to undertake an economic assessment of the Newlyn Harbour estate as it currently stands.

Mr Plunkett-Cole produced the very successful and well-received The True Value of Cornish Seafood report for the Cornish Fish Producers’ Organisation (CFPO), and will produce a light touch HM Treasury Green Book Assessment for the Commissioners to present to Cornwall Council and other stakeholders with the aim of clarifying the future usage of Sandy Cove.

The UK Government’s Green Book approach to business case development is based on the principle of optimising public value and is designed to ensure that proposals are considered in a holistic and systematic manner.

The Newlyn Marine Skills & Resource Centre continues to move forward and NP&HC expect planning consent to be achieved as soon as a final flood assessment has been completed.

The Commissioners are also reassessing the provision of lighting in some areas of the Harbour’s quays. They have agreed to implement short-term measures to improve the current situation and initiate a longer-term assessment to deliver the optimum level of lighting required.

“Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners continue to map out a strategic plan for the Port whilst keeping a keen eye on the delivery of immediate maintenance and day-to-day operational issues,” comments NP&HC Chairman, Rob Wing. “The onset of Cornwall’s early spring brings reasonable fishing for the Newlyn fleet and we remain committed to supporting our hardworking fishers by doing everything within our reach to drive Newlyn Harbour’s future prosperity in a sustainable way.”