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A New Era for an Old Relationship: Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners Formalise Fish Auction Agreement With W Stevenson & Sons Limited

A New Era for an Old Relationship: Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners Formalise Fish Auction Agreement With W Stevenson & Sons Limited

Monday 1st April marks a significant moment in the history of the Port of Newlyn as the UK’s premier quality fish auction.

Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners (NP&HC) and W Stevenson & Sons Limited (WS&S) have signed an agreement that both formalises and modernises the productive and long-standing relationship that has existed between them in Newlyn for decades.

From that date, the new arrangements within this agreement will provide legal certainty and stability for both parties, whilst establishing a cohesive partnership with one strategic aim – to provide superlative facilities and services for the Cornish fleet and wider UK fishing industry.

This agreement not only demonstrates that NP&HC have confidence in WS&S to take the Newlyn Fish Market auction forward in support of fishers from Cornwall and across the UK. It also enables the Harbour Commissioners and its management team to focus on the sustainable development of the Newlyn Harbour estate, and on continuing to ensure that its harbour and quays are well-maintained for the benefit of all users.

WS&S is now the exclusive auctioneer at Newlyn Fish Market for the seven-year duration of this concession agreement, which will not only ensure its continued investment in people and equipment, but also the continuance and further development of an efficient and well-managed fish auction at the Port.

“The long story of fish being sold at Newlyn continues with this new chapter,” explains Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners’ Chairman, Rob Wing. “This new agreement between NP&HC and WS&S may have taken a long time to bring to fruition, but we are confident that it represents the best possible opportunity for all fishers that land their catch at Newlyn Fish Market.

“In these challenging times for the fishing industry, NP&HC and WS&S now have a formal shared purpose in supporting the catching, landing, buying and selling of prime quality fish in West Cornwall in the 21st century and for generations to come.”

“This agreement has been reached with a genuine spirit of positivity and can-do attitude from both parties,” adds W Stevenson & SonsManaging Director, Paul Trebilcock. “From our perspective, we are absolutely clear that WS&S has a responsibility to ensure the efficient, transparent and independent operation of the auction at Newlyn Fish Market and that our priority must be to further enhance Newlyn’s reputation as the number one market for quality fish in the UK in order to attract more vessels, secure more fish to be sold through the market and more buyers to help ensure the best prices for the fish that we auction.”

“We look forward to working symbiotically with WS&S to provide what Newlyn Harbour users need now and into the future,” concludes Rob Wing. “Together, we are committed to ensuring that Newlyn retains its position as the UK’s premier fishing port with a reputation for providing a safe and efficient harbour, ever-improving facilities and services, and the finest fish.”

For further information about W Stevenson & Sons Ltd, please visit www.wstevenson.co.uk