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Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners Publish Schedule of Charges for 2023

Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners Publish Schedule of Charges for 2023

Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners (NP&HC) has undertaken a full review of the charging structure for its facilities and services, which has included a benchmarking process to ensure that prices remain fair and competitive with other key ports.

During the course of this review, NP&HC has considered costs, user expectations and the effect of the increase in the cost of living that is currently being experienced.

Some charges have been streamlined, notably, the pontoon fees, which now include harbour dues and water charges.

NP&HC has also introduced some new charges to support ongoing maintenance programmes as well as the sustainable development of infrastructure and harbour assets for the benefit of Newlyn Harbour users.

The largest single increase is for the annual skip charge. This reflects the increased cost to NP&HC of waste removal, which exceeded £61,000 during the last 12 months. The 2023 charge is still significantly lower than the cost to NP&HC for the removal of vessel-generated waste.

Parking fees remain the same as last year but the Skippers’ Pass is being reinstated following the one-year hiatus in 2022, which was put in place to mitigate an abrupt rise following a prolonged period without any increase during the COVID-19 pandemic. The rate of the 2023 Skippers’ Pass is the equivalent of £1.10 per day for the use of both NP&HC’s car parks and its reintroduction is offset by the fact that the vast majority of NP&HC’s charges for 2023 have increased by around 5%, which is well below the current rate of inflation.

“Whilst NP&HC recognises that it is a difficult time to be increasing prices to reflect rising operational costs, we hope that stakeholders and harbour users will find them fair in the context of the quality of the services and facilities that we provide,” explains Harbour Master & CEO, Jonathan Poynter. “As a Trust Port, we reinvest any surplus revenue for the benefit of harbour users and the wider community, and NP&HC is wholeheartedly committed to investing in Newlyn’s infrastructure to enhance and preserve it for the future.”

For further information, the Schedule of Charges for 2023 is here.