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The Future of Newlyn Harbour

Newlyn Harbour Port Development Plan

Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners (NPHC) are committed to protecting Newlyn Harbour for the Cornish fishing industry and the fishing fleet of the future.

The Port Development Programme has recognised that there are several areas that require attention, including more quayside capabilities, storage and workshops, in addition to a boatlift facility and updating all the existing properties.

Over the next 10 – 15 years, subject to a number of factors including funding, licensing, feasibility and demand, the NPHC have drawn up a list of specific projects designed to position Newlyn Harbour as one of the leading commercial fishing ports in the UK.

The replacement of buildings on The Strand, North Pier renovations and repurposing and improved facilities for the Cannery Slipway are just some of the projects on the table.

The timing and delivery of each project depends on the availability of funding and resources, however all the latest developments are posted on our website. Once complete, Newlyn Harbour can continue supporting the fishing boats of the South West, as it has done for generations.