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Newlyn Harbour Commemorates Merchant Navy Day

Newlyn Harbour Commemorates Merchant Navy Day

The Seafarers’ Charity stages an annual Fly The Red Ensign campaign on Merchant Navy Day, which is marked on 3rd September, to honour and remember the sacrifices of hard-working Merchant Navy seafarers whose significant contribution to our island nation is often overlooked.

Their bravery has kept supply lines open during World Wars, and they continue to serve as key workers, ensuring the delivery of essential goods, including food and medicines, to the UK.

This campaign was started in 2015 to address widespread public ignorance about the UK’s ongoing dependence on merchant seafarers who are responsible for shipping more than 95% of the UK’s trade.

The UK’s fishing fleet also forms part of the Merchant Navy, providing a source of healthy and sustainable food for the country. The latest available data shows that the fleet generated income of £923m, supported 6,835 full-time equivalent jobs and 4,269 active vessels, and landed 413,993 tonnes of fish and shellfish in the UK.

“Newlyn Harbour will proudly fly The Red Ensign this Sunday, to commemorate the dedication and commitment of the UK’s Merchant Navy seafarers, both past and present,” comments Harbour Master & CEO, Jonathan Poynter. “They have safeguarded our shores in times of conflict and play a critical role in maintaining the UK’s supply chain in challenging circumstances, and our fishers provide food security for the nation, putting to sea in all weathers to bring fresh fish to our tables. Every one of them deserves our utmost gratitude and respect.”

If you would like to make a donation to The Seafarers’ Charity Merchant Navy Fund that supports active and retired UK Merchant Navy seafarers and their families, please click here.