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BBC Radio Cornwall Update 30/07/19

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Take a listen to Harbour Master Rob Parsons on BBC Radio Cornwall this week with the latest update from Newlyn Harbour. You can find the show here on Listen Again:

https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p07gbqp4 – Jump to 2:39:05, you will need a BBC account to listen


Alternatively, you can find the transcript below


Let’s get the latest now from Rob Parsons….

It’s been relatively quiet actually, because, as you’ve probably seen on the forecast, it’s picking up a little bit this afternoon, and also the tide’s now building so all the gillnetters are in and we’ve had a few visitors so the quays are quite packed.

Fish has generally been landed, we’ve only got 3 landing as we speak, and I think some of that’s going to be split with our partners in Plymouth & Brixham, so fish on Newlyn Market has actually been quite low – this morning I only had 130 boxes, which isn’t great, so it’s going to be a little bit more of the same until this weather passes and people will probably look to sail, I would suggest, Thursday & Friday, but then also the gillnetters will have to wait for that tide to cut again, so they can get out.

So it’s going to be a little bit quiet on the fish-front, I think from Newlyn for a little bit.


What sort of weather did you get overnight? I know there were predictions of thunderstorms, and certainly where I was in Falmouth the easterly kicked up to a fairly brisk level

It was, it’s the worst it’s ever [been], but it’s not too bad in a way but we had a bit of movement on the pontoon, we had to move a couple of the yachts [including] my favourite, it’s one called ‘The Stanley’, he’s a regular visitor so he was quite cool and he just moved for me, but it’s been ok, the pontoon’s are a bit jumpy, but that’s now passed, but the weather generally was just very, very.. ‘moist’ is the right word.


Anything we need to note in the diary for the week ahead?

I’ll be away for the next 2 weeks, back on the 20th August, when I’ll have lots of more updates for you.