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Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners’ Update – March 2022

Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners’ Update – March 2022


Following the monthly Board Meeting of Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners (NP&HC), here is an update on the latest developments at the Port.

The Commissioners look forward to welcoming Roger Nowell, who takes up the role of Deputy Harbour Master this month. He joins Deputy Harbour Master, Jedna Hall, to further strengthen the skills set and capacity of the Harbour Management Team.

It was not possible to take forward the appointment of the Harbour Master & CEO Elect for reasons that NP&HC are not at liberty to divulge but interviews with potential candidates are already underway and it is hoped that an appointment will be made soon.

In terms of further operational developments, it was agreed that barriers would be installed at the end of the quay to help increase safety by managing vehicular traffic and that the Newlyn Fisheries Resource Centre would progress to the design and development stage.

It is hoped that this new facility will be funded by the Penzance Town Deal Fund and be a focal point for the fishing industry. It will offer a wide range of training and skills, from filleting fish and deck-hand safety to higher qualifications in food manufacture and science. Skippers will also be able to renew their licences there without having to drive to Plymouth, which will be of great benefit to Newlyn’s fishing community.

The Commissioners’ Advisory Board, which has been chaired by Father Keith Owen for many years, continues to act as a conduit between Newlyn Harbour stakeholders and NP&HC. The Commissioners thank Father Keith for his unstinting support, wish him well on his retirement and look forward to welcoming Paul Durkin as his successor. Paul, who lives in Newlyn, brings a wealth of experience as a retired Ernst & Young partner, a chartered accountant, an IT risk and assurance specialist, and chairman of the Cornish Pirates rugby team.

The Commissioners conclude this update with a plea to fisherfolk, fish merchants and the community at large to return any Newlyn fish boxes that are languishing in their garages and gardens to the Port as the Fish Market is rapidly running out of this vital resource. If these boxes are not returned, the Market is unable to sell fish and life is challenging enough for Newlyn’s hard-working fishing industry within the context of current international tensions without this additional hindrance to trade.

“As we climb out of the storms of winter into the quieter climes of spring, I would like to thank the Harbour Commissioners for all the work they do on an unpaid, voluntary basis, for the good of the Port and its future prosperity,” says Chairman of NP&HC, Rob Wing. “After the Covid-19-related constraints of the past two years, it feels good to be moving projects forward that will benefit the fishing industry and our local community, and we look forward to keeping everyone updated on a monthly basis from now on.”