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Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners Publishes Schedule of Charges for 2024

Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners Publishes Schedule of Charges for 2024

Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners (NP&HC) has undertaken its annual review of the charging structure for its facilities and services, based on usage data from 2023.

This review has included a benchmarking process with the open price lists of Tor Bay and Cornwall Council Harbours to ensure that prices not only remain fair and competitive but also provide sufficient revenue to deliver Newlyn Harbour’s planned operational activity and sustain its reserves for future development.

During this review, NP&HC has considered costs, user expectations, the continued control of its assets, the effect of the increase in the cost of living that is currently being experienced and the need for improved clarity in terms of communicating its charging structure to current and prospective harbour users.

The new charging structure takes effect from Monday 1st April and key changes include:

  • The removal of the Gross Tonnage (GT) measure as this is little used in Newlyn. Vessels will now be charged on Length Overall (LOA), which will simplify charging and administration
  • Whilst pontoon charges have not been increased as stated in last year’s review, harbour dues for non-pontoon users have been increased by around 10% in line with the inflationary pressures of the past year. Two lower size brackets have also been removed to close a loophole, which enabled small vessels to leverage a disproportionately low harbour due
  • Cargo dues have been reduced to encourage enquiries. Whilst Newlyn Harbour is not aiming to become a cargo handling port at this time, it does have the capability to undertake small scale operations and other project work
  • Storage charges have been changed to improve clarity for harbour users and reinforce NP&HC controls
  • Fish Market dues have been removed to align with a concession arrangement that will soon be in place
  • Waste removal charges have been increased to reflect the costs to the Harbour that well-exceed the amount currently levied. Fees have been doubled for the largest vessels and have increased by 10%, 25%, and 50% for other smaller vessels. These increases will help to recover some of the cost of this service. The Harbour Office is investigating alternative solutions with the aim of reducing the cost of waste removal in the future
  • Newlyn residents will no longer be able to park in the Harbour Car Park, as a result of the decision by the Harbour Commissioners to focus provision for core harbour users, and in preparation for the construction of the new Newlyn Marine Skills & Resource Centre later this year.

NP&HC’s Schedule of Charges for 2024 also includes explanatory notes to provide clarity for harbour users and better explain specific terms such as ‘non-contributory vessel and conditions such as those that govern the use of the slipway and how the Harbour charges for cancellation, demurrage (overstay), and electricity used.

“Whilst NP&HC recognises that it is never a good time to be increasing prices to reflect rising operational costs, we hope that stakeholders and harbour users will find them fair in the context of the quality of the services and facilities that we provide and how they compare to the charges of our regional competitors in Penzance and Brixham,” explains Harbour Master & CEO, Jonathan Poynter. “As a Trust Port, we reinvest any surplus revenue for the benefit of harbour users and the wider community, and NP&HC is wholeheartedly committed to investing in the Newlyn Harbour Estate’s infrastructure to enhance and preserve it for the future.”

For further information, please visit www.newlynharbour.com/facilities-services/