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Newlyn Harbour Angling Policy Update

Newlyn Harbour Angling Policy Update

Due to the large number of enquiries I would like to clarify NPHC Policy regarding ANGLING from North Pier


The recent pandemic has had a huge impact on us all personally, in particular the way we live our lives, our general and mental health and I am therefore well aware of the need to get some fresh air and do what you love recreationally to keep healthy.  As I am sure you are all aware, NPHC Byelaws prohibit fishing of any kind within Harbour Limits, (or subject to the Commissioners approval) ,and Commissioners recent policy stopping angling fully, was put in place to protect the hard working fishermen, their families, harbour staff and all key workers associated with the industry during lockdown.


I would also like to make it clear that NPHC Policy regarding angling was set to change on the 1st of April 2020, regardless of the pandemic. The proposed change was the result of the tragedy we suffered at the end of last year and the required  HSE operating practices we needed to adopt regarding safety and access to the entire harbour estate.  You may have noticed that barriers have nearly been completed at the entrance to the quays, these will be used to close the pier when operations require the limitation of public access for your safety.  If the barrier is down, the pier is closed, if it is up access is allowed. If you require further information please refer to the HSE video, which can be found here on our website.  During the present installation phase any closure of the pier will be clearly signposted.


Now the background is complete, I am pleased to announce that from Friday the 19th June 2020 the North Pier will be available for Anglers to fish from ,(subject to operations, which will be clearly signposted), facing to seaward only.  In order to have access, all anglers are to obtain a NPHC Fishing permit from the Harbour office and inform the same of both the arrival and departure from the site. I am well aware of the limitations we have regarding staffing at present and we are looking to ensure this is rectified moving forward, but in the immediate future, Anglers must attempt to inform staff of their presence, particularly when out of hours. Failure to produce a NPHC permit on request will I am afraid will result in being asked to leave harbour premises.


In the past I have allowed membership cards from reputable Angling clubs in place of NPHC permits, this is no longer the case.  Any Angler who is found to cause damage, behave in an antisocial manner to staff, harbour users, members of the public, drink alcohol/drugs, will have their pass revoked, asked to leave the harbour and receive a ban as agreed by the duty holder, (Harbour Commissioners).  This I am sure will not be necessary as I want all harbour users to get the most out of our port, but in a safe and respectful way and with a clear understanding of what is required by the Board of Commissioners.  I would like to thank you all for your patience during this lockdown period, I hope you enjoy your time here and for those who have contacted me personally, your understanding with regards to the change.


Rob Parsons

HM Newlyn Harbour