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Advisory Board Terms of Reference

Advisory Board Terms of Reference

The Commissioners hereby establish the Newlyn Pier and Harbour Commission Advisory Body in accordance with Article 12 of its Harbour Revision Order 2010, which the Commissioners must consult on all strategic matters (non-operational) affecting the harbour.

The Commissioners must take into consideration any significant matter, recommendation or representation which may from time to time be referred or made to them by an advisory body whether or not that advisory body has been consulted by the Commissioners.

The Advisory Body to the Commissioners therefore is constituted to consider all issues pertinent to the good governance and sustainability of Newlyn Harbour, paying particular attention to the role of Newlyn Harbour as a Trust Port.

The Commission is required to consider any recommendations made to them by the Advisory Body, but are not compelled to implement any advice or guidance. They are however expected to provide the Advisory Body with feedback on any advice not implemented.

Annually, the Commission will consult the Advisory Body on its policy documents, including vision statement, Annual Report, annual audited accounts, and communicate budget decisions.

The Advisory Body established under article 12 of the Harbour Revision Order is to consist of such number of persons appointed by the Commissioners as the Commissioners consider appropriate. The Commissioners have determined that the Advisory Body will consist of a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve at the point of inauguration. However, Commissioners will be willing to consider any recommendation from the Advisory Body for additional named members supported by rationale.

Appointments to the Advisory Body are made by the Commissioners in accordance with a scheme prepared by them for that purpose and the scheme must provide for the appointment of persons who, in the opinion of the Commissioners, are representative of persons having an interest in the functioning of the harbour.

The Advisory Body will meet not less than four times a year. One meeting to be the annual joint meeting between the Advisory Body and Board of Commissioners. Chair and / or Vice-Chair to attend meetings of the Advisory Body

Quorum of the Advisory Body to be four members.

The Advisory Body must appoint a chair from amongst its membership.

An individual member of the Advisory Body may, on giving notice in writing to the chair of that body, send a named substitute to any meeting of the body.

A member of the Advisory Body is to hold office for the period of three years from the date of appointment and at the end of that period is to be eligible for reappointment.

A member of the Advisory Body may resign his office at any time by notice in writing given to the Chair of the Commissioners.



The meetings of the Advisory Body are to be minuted and the minutes are to be available to members of the public. Minutes are to clearly show matters that are referred to the harbour board for consideration.


Role and Responsibilities

The Commission will convey to the Advisory Body the issues that they plan to address over not less than a 3-month period, so that the Advisory Body can offer advice and guidance.

The Advisory Body will

Consider as a basis for their work, the Strategic Business Plans of the Commission, so that they can input in a timely manner.

Independently determine issues that they wish to address in relation to the governance and sustainability of NPHC operations.

Respond to requests from the Commission or any of its committees for advice and guidance.

Consider strategic issues raised with them by other stakeholders.

Make recommendations based on their discussions for the consideration of the Commission or a Committee of the Commission.

Provide members to panels set up by the Commissioners requiring independent representation.

Provide feedback to the Commission as to the effectiveness of its stakeholder consultations and the quality of its communications.

Assist with the organisation of consultations, surveys and questionnaires to identify stakeholder opinion concerning the services delivered by the Commissioners.