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Sandy Cove concept for discussion

Sandy Cove concept for discussion








Sandy Cove plan Newlyn

Water depth up to three times deeper than inside Newlyn harbour. 
Existing slip sides lengthened and made solid with careening grids for under 12m boats to dry out.
Drawing changes: 
Actual Syncrolift drawing added; now sideways storage for up to four vessels, each up to 35m x 14m;  lift tonnage 600. 
Industrial units area increased. Now two quays not three. Parking and lorry unloading area added to base of main fish quay. 
Two 15m wide roads (normal width 7.5m) around Syncrolift and fish quay for crane, heavy offloading and loading operations. 
Potential 70 tonne leisure boat ship lift added to MDL area.  


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