Sandy Cove Option 1a update

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Option 1a is where NPHC have their own breakwater on the back of the outside quay. It allows additional mooring on the inside and on both sides of the main quay. Note that the engineering consultants WSP Ltd are only engaged to look at construction options of the quays, breakwater and the land reclamation, not the buildings.

3 Sandy Cove options update

3 Sandy Cove plan options updateClick to enlarge plan

Three breakwater/quay options; WSP will be considering up to five. Some have joint
venture potential and options of additional maritime connected operations.

Sandy Cove animated flyover view.

This is an artist’s impression of Sandy Cove to give a vision of Newlyn Harbour. The curved breakwater will reduce the impact of storm waves and tidal surges at the same time provide deepwater berths that will cater for much larger fish, sail and commercial vessels who ply their trade on the sea around Cornwall. Please note, as this is an artist’s impression the scale and dimensions are an indication of how the planned development may appear.

Sandy Cove with Penlee Quarry partnership 2025

Sandy Cove concept for Newlyn

Water depth up to three times deeper than inside Newlyn harbour. 
Existing slip sides lengthened and made solid with careening grids for under 12m boats to dry out.
Drawing changes: 
Syncrolift drawing added; now sideways storage for up to four vessels, each up to 35m x 14m;  lift tonnage 600. 
Industrial units area increased. Now two quays not three. Parking and lorry unloading area added to base of main fish quay. 
Two 15m wide roads (normal width 7.5m) around Syncrolift and fish quay for crane, heavy offloading and loading operations. 
Potential 70 tonne leisure boat ship lift added to MDL area.  


Newlyn Harbour without Sandy Cove partnership 2022


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Light green outlines are existing structures.

Yellow expansion of North Pier inwards is both flood protection (surface raised) and widened to allow new 10m deep stores.

New, gated entrance to fishing industry section; free parking for shoppers at the Co-op! 

Moveable loading platform on the MW Pier for landing shellfish into vivier trucks.


Newlyn Harbour concept post 2025


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Potential new market size dependant on Sandy Cove development progress.

Parking for everyone.

Landscaped existing harbour car park could also be used as a “public square” for events like Fish Festivals.

Dotted line squares on Board Walk are outside seating.

Potential for Gig Club in old inshore RNLI building and Maritime Skills Centre in existing net sheds tied to the Old Harbour for Heritage boats.