Statement of Compliance

Newlyn Pier and Harbour Commissioners (NPHC) are the Statutory Harbour Authority for Newlyn and is committed to undertaking and regulating marine operations to safeguard the harbour, its users, the public, the environment and local heritage.

NPHC will aim to run a safe, efficient, cost-effective, sustainable harbour for the benefit of all users and the wider community. It will strive to manage, maintain and improve the harbour, consistent with the income it generates in accordance to the Guide to Good Governance GTGG.

NPHC are committed to meet with all legal requirements and comply with the Port Marine Safety Code and to meet these requirements in a proportional and appropriate manner. It will ensure that the Harbour is operated efficiently and safely and will seek to meet the changing needs of all harbour users. The Harbour Authority will:

  • Comply with all legal requirements.
  • Aim to meet the national requirements of the Port Marine Safety Code and to audit annually with regards to NPHC’s performance against the Code.
  • Heed the Guide to Good Practice on Marine Operations.
  • Condiuct its functions openly and transparently in the overall long-term interests of the harbour’s stakeholders and beneficiaries.
  • Ensure as far as reasonably practical the safety of all those who use and work in the harbour.
  • Facilitate safe navigation in the harbour and its approaches and maintain viable harbour facilities.
  • Regulate the activities of all those who use the harbour and ensure that the law is enforced whenever appropriate.
  • Conserve the environment and maintain approved pollution prevention and nature conservation measures.
  • Formally review the Harbour Authority’s plans, policies and procedures at intervals of five years or less.

NPHC is committed to ensuring that all its employees, contractors, harbour users, stakeholders and members of the public are well informed. Its staff shall be well trained and committed to the requirements of the Port Marine Safety Code. NPHC recognise that safe operations depend on competent people and an active safety management culture. All who work or use the harbour have an obligation to contribute to harbour safety.

NPHC welcomes the interest and participation of all stakeholders in maintaining and improving the awareness of safety within the harbour. To this end, a line of communication will be established with relevant stakeholders and the Newlyn Advisory Committee to ensure the promulgation of relevant information.

“It is the goal of the Commissioners to monitor and improve the standard of safety and safety awareness throughout the harbour”. Rob Parsons, Dec 2013