Harbour Master’s Directions

Harbour Master’s Special Directions:

Introduction: It has become apparent in my first year here that communication and audit trails need improving.  Unfortunately this issue runs within the operations both outside and inside. Therefore as Harbour Master I am implementing a method of guidance by way of Harbour Master’s Directions.

Aim: The aim of this Harbour Masters Direction (HMD) is to make all my staff, customers and Stakeholders aware of how information, guidance and direction will be passed to them.

Responsibilities: Under legislation as Harbour Master I can pass specific direction to vessels in order to provide guidance for safety.  Within the administrative and management sphere I am implementing the same style as your manager and Harbour Master to ensure that all Newlyn Harbour Staff are aware of the standards and methods I require and more importantly to pass information out to all stakeholder groups. HMD’s can be drafted or sponsored by all of my staff but will only be issued by the Harbour Master.  Any actions required will be highlighted and the relevant personnel will be on the distribution list.  

Routines:  HMD’s will be issued when required for a specific task or method required for administrative business, the direction of vessels or policy.  They will have an issue date and review date on the top left and will remain in force until either superseded by me or my deputy via an updated HMD.  

Distribution: Not all information is relevant to all groups.  Staff are to be aware of both internal and external distribution.  The HMD will be clearly marked as to what distribution it has.  Internal will incorporate staff and Commissioners and will be marked accordingly.  External distribution will involve posting on our website for all stakeholders to be aware.  HMD’s marked All will mean both internal and external distribution.

 R M J Parsons

Harbour Master

Newlyn Harbour

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