Vision Statement

The Trust Port of Newlyn lies adjacent to some of the richest fishing grounds in the northern hemisphere.  Newlyn Pier and Harbour Commissioners recognise its iconic harbour as the fulcrum of the county’s fishing industry and aspires to provide a port recognised as the nation’s leading fishing facility.


The port of Newlyn aims to provide a comprehensive range of facilities for its customers in order to benefit all user and stakeholder groups.  The Harbour Commissioners are committed to delivering a modern “fit for purpose” port infrastructure, to be recognised nationally as second to none and as a centre of industry excellence.

Commissioners will work with partners and stakeholders from all sectors to deliver a port infrastructure investment programme. This is aimed at creating the facilities required to deliver the service, expertise and trades required for both local and visiting vessels.

Maritime operations

Newlyn remains an international port of refuge and as such, its maritime significance will continue to grow when proposed changes are realised.  Likewise, Commissioners recognise the port’s significance within the fishing industry, both county and nationwide and will continue to uphold and secure its iconic status.

Commissioners will actively seek other maritime sources of income to support its current funding streams, while assuring the majority of the port focus remains targeted at the fishing industry.


NPHC is committed to the future of the Trust Port of Newlyn, whilst continuing to diversify for the benefit of all harbour users.  This statement is not a plan but a postcard from the future.  The benefits realised from this bold stance will secure Newlyn’s future and delivering confidence and stability for all for its stakeholders.

Rob Parsons

Newlyn Harbour Master